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  • The Integration of AI in PIM and the Importance of Data Cleansing

    Product Information Management plays a crucial role in how businesses manage and disseminate product data across channels. As the need for accurate and timely information becomes paramount, organisations are increasingly looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance PIM.  One significant area within this scope is data cleansing, which ensures that the product data maintained is […]

  • Revolutionising Online Food Retail: AI’s Impact on Personalised Meal Planning and Shopping

    The landscape of online food retail has been rapidly evolving, driven by the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In a world where convenience and personalisation are paramount, the food industry is witnessing a significant shift towards offering tailored solutions that cater to individual preferences and needs.  One groundbreaking transformation is […]

  • Customised Taxonomies

    Taxonomies are essential in the organisation and hierarchical structure of your product data. Taxonomy is defined as the classification of something – the process of grouping or categorising product data. Generally, products that have the same criteria use global classification standards such as, among others, UNSPSC, ETIM, GS1, Amazon, Bing, Google, and Shopify.   It can happen […]