A Guide to AICA’s Consultation Process

Product data stands as the backbone for business decisions, marketing strategies and operational efficiency. Inaccurate or outdated product data hinders sales, misleads employees and results in costly operational blunders. 

With our proficiency in product data management, we offer a methodical and meticulous consulting process. The process is not just about cleansing data; it’s about enriching it and setting a foundation for continuous improvement. 

AICAs Rapid Project

Experience the power of our Rapid Project, where we expertly cleanse and enrich up to 10,000 items within a single week. You’re only charged for products surpassing an 80% threshold of cleanliness and enrichment. All you need to do is provide us with your product data in a .csv format. For projects exceeding 10,000 items, we delve into a comprehensive scoping and Proof of Concept process. Your success, our commitment.

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Every project begins with understanding – understanding the unique challenges and specific requirements of our client. 

We employ a detailed questionnaire to discern the scope and complexity of each client’s product data. 

This step ensures that our solutions designed are in perfect alignment with the client’s objectives, without adding any undue financial strain.

Proof of Concept 

Post the scoping phase, we provide a tangible demonstration of its value proposition through a Proof of Concept. 

Spanning a maximum of two weeks, this stage involves a meticulous analysis of the client’s current product data cleanliness. The end result? A comprehensive report detailing the state of your data and the potential ROI across various departments like finance, marketing, operations and supply chain.

For businesses wary of diving headfirst, this POC stage, capped at a default limit of 5,000 product items, offers a taste of what’s in store.

Main Project

After assimilating the insights from the initial stages, the journey progresses to the pivotal main project. This phase stands out as the crucible where innovative strategies meld with client-specific challenges. It is here that we witness the confluence of our expertise and your unique business needs, resulting in transformative solutions.

We employ product data cleansing methods that sift through every layer of information, rectifying inaccuracies and filling in gaps. Beyond this, the intricate language customisation caters to the diverse linguistic needs of global businesses, ensuring that your product data resonates with every department of organisation.

But what truly sets our main project apart is the integration of our cutting-edge technology. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we employ specialised algorithms that refine and optimise data with unparalleled precision. This not only enhances data quality but also brings about a notable uplift in operational efficiency. As a result, your businesses will be equipped with pristine data that powers decision-making, enhances operational efficiency and ensures that your business is ready for anything.

SaaS Implementation 

Recognising the dynamic nature of product data, we finally introduce our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to ensure that the cleaned and enriched data remains pristine. 

This service ensures consistent adherence to data standards and makes sure your business keeps up with the sheer volume of data it is sure to experience.

In Conclusion

The quality of your product data can make or break your business. With our structured consulting process, your business is guaranteed to leverage its  product data to its fullest potential. By opting for AICA’s consulting services, you’re not just cleansing your data; you’re setting your organisation up for sustained success.

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